Pcox 200s


  • Price
  • Small, easy-to-use, robust
  • Direct transfer of processes developed on the Pcox200 S to a Pcox20X production machines
  • Possible and easy evolution of a Pcox200 S module into a Pcox20X machine ensuring long tool life without obsolescence.


The Pcox 20X range presents a series of modular machines which offers configurations including 2, 3 or 4 polishing modules.

The Pcox 200 S is one of these modules used in stand-alone form for process development It offers all the specifications of the production machine :

  •      Complete control by computer and PLC
  •      Automatic loading and unloading of the polishing head
  •      Ten polishing steps
  •      Standard 200 mm
  •      Compatibility 4 “to 8”
  •      Ex-situ and in-situ conditioning
  •      Integrated slurry pump
  •      Unique quick exchange of platen, polishing carriers and conditioning tools.

Its structure offers the same productivity specifications as a module included in a Pcox20X machine although with manual loading of the wafer to save space and cost.


See the data sheet for the CMP machine Pcox 200s.

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