Prototyping and small series

Listening to the needs polishing and planarization surface during prototyping phases or pre-industrialization Alpsitec CMP has developed machines of high precision, robust, easy to implement and highly flexible.

CMP machine Pcox 200s

  • Advanced technologies (Pcox range).
  • Manual loading. Possibility of automatic load (option).
  • Transfer module.
  • Polishing module.
  • Footprint.
  • Possibility of changes to Pcox 202-203-204
  • Particularly suited to the R&D needs.

Learn more about Pcox 200s

CMP machine E460

  • Manual loading. Ongoing development of an optional automatic loading.
  • Price / performance ratio unmatched.
  • Suitable for polishing and planarizing substrates platelet diameter of 1 "to 8".

Learn more about the CMP machine E460

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